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Installation skills of high precision ina outer spherical bearing
Release time:2022-02-23 17:57:48

Many users have reported to us that the installation of high-precision ina imported bearings often fails to reach the accuracy of the original imported bearings. The installation of high-precision imported bearings is a very important problem and has high requirements for installation. Today, we will mainly introduce the installation skills of high-precision ina outer spherical bearings, hoping to help you.

In order to achieve the required accuracy of high-precision ina imported bearings, we mainly pay attention to the following points:

1. Methods to improve the actual fitting accuracy in order to improve the actual fitting accuracy during the installation of ina bearing outer spherical bearing, it is necessary to use the measurement methods and measurement tools that do not deform the ina outer spherical bearing to carry out the actual precise measurement of the fitting surface dimensions of the inner hole and outer circle of ina outer spherical bearing, and all the measurement items related to the inner diameter and outer diameter can be measured, Based on the comprehensive analysis of the measured data, the size of the installation position of ina outer spherical bearing for shaft and seat hole is precisely matched. When actually measuring the corresponding size and geometry of the matched shaft and seat hole, it should be carried out under the same temperature conditions as when measuring ina outer spherical bearing.

In order to ensure a high actual matching effect, the roughness of the surface of the shaft and seat hole matched with the ina outer spherical bearing should be as small as possible.

During the above measurement, two groups of marks indicating the maximum deviation direction shall be made on the outer circle and inner hole of ina outer spherical bearing and the corresponding surface of shaft and seat hole on both sides close to the assembly chamfer, so that the maximum deviation of the matching two sides can be aligned in the same direction during actual assembly, so that the deviation of both sides can be partially offset after assembly.

The purpose of making two groups of orientation marks is to comprehensively consider the compensation of deviation, not only improve the rotation accuracy of the supports at both ends, but also partially eliminate the coaxiality error of the seat hole between the two supports and the journal at both ends. The implementation of surface strengthening measures on the mating surface, such as sand blasting, using a precision plug with a slightly larger diameter to plug the primary inner hole, etc., are conducive to improving the mating accuracy.

2. The precision ina outer spherical bearing requires matching parts because the precision of the precision ina outer spherical bearing itself is 1 μ M, so it is required that the matching parts (shaft, bearing seat, end cover, retaining ring, etc.) have high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy. In particular, the accuracy of the mating surface should be controlled within the same level as that of the ina outer spherical imported bearing, which is very important and easy to be ignored.

It must also be noted that if the matching parts of the precision ina outer spherical bearing fail to meet the above requirements, the error of the precision ina outer spherical bearing is often several times or even more than 10 times greater than that of the original ina outer spherical bearing after installation, which is not a precision ina outer spherical bearing at all. The reason is that the error of the matching parts is often not simply superimposed on the error of the ina outer spherical bearing, It is added after being magnified by different multiples.

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